Nearly a Month of Blogging!

We’re coming up on a month since I clicked the “publish” icon for my first blog post

Patontheback giphy

There is still so much to learn, but here are a few things I’ve observed since joining the blogosphere:

The Community

Maybe I haven’t been in the community for long to know otherwise, but so far, the community has been welcoming and supportive. I’ve also found a lot of good content on here that keeps me on my phone into the wee hours of the night. I’m still working on attracting readers who are interested in what I have to post, but so far, I’m pleased with the welcome and support! I’m not sure if any readers would be interested in knowing more about my background—let me know if this would interest you!

Hardcore Bloggers

Some members are so dedicated to what they do, they post very often. I define these hardcore bloggers as those that post multiple times a day or at least five times a week.

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It’s motivating and, at the same time, shocking that these members are able to consistently dedicate their time to blogging. My mind is boggled how indie authors have the time to write their manuscript, edit it, blog, and keep up with their multiple social media accounts.

I have no idea how these people do it (I suspect worker gnomes in their servitude).

To the Hardcore Bloggers: If you could take your enthusiasm and drive and bottle it into a drink, I would pay. 

Most importantly, I’d like to thank you for your support. If you are reading this now—thank you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page, read my words, throw down a like, or grace me with a follow.

What was your first month blogging experience like? Do you have any suggestions in attracting readers?

Stay fresh and happy reading!


12 thoughts on “Nearly a Month of Blogging!

  1. Haha the gnomes! That’s fantastic. Congrats on your first month. My husband’s comment after our first few weeks of blogging was “everyone is so nice here”. We still haven’t encountered any trolls yet!

    Attracting readers: I’ll give same advice everyone gives. Comment on other people’s stuff that you like. It’s not long before you start getting to know people. And if people think your comments are interesting they will often stop by your blog. All the best 😃

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  2. Don’t try to attract others to your site. Find a group of people that YOU like to follow. Click on peoples’ comments. People who comment usually have a lot to say on their blog too and if you like what they’re saying, follow them and interact with them on their blog.Use the wordpress search to search for specific authors or movies or “whatever” that you like and see what pops up. I’ve found several people that way. Don’t look at your stats every day. Blog consistently, even if it’s only once a week. Do it the same day if you can only do once a week. If this is your first time blogging, watch out for burn out. It’ll happen in the first couple of months for most people.
    If blogging turns out not to be for you, don’t disappear for months to reappear for one post only to disappear again. Say goodbye and go.
    If blogging does turn out to be for you, pace yourself. This is a marathon hobby, not a popularity contest.

    *climbs down off of soapbox*

    I believe my work here is done! 😉

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  3. Congrats on the one-month! ^_^ My blog is…. several years old, but in its current form, it’s about three months. Oh, they grow so fast 😛

    My first month was a little slow. I had few ideas (a couple of LARGE ideas but I was worried I had no inspiration for the little posts), took forever to complete posts, and what I finished didn’t get much attention. It was frustrating but now I seem to have a little following.

    If I could offer any advice…
    – yes, comment on other posts every day if you can!
    – return the favour: if you get any likes or comments, explore and try to leave a like/comment in return
    – link your blog everywhere that is related to you
    – I am experimenting with blog post series on topics I am interested in. I like to think it will keep readers interested and generate a platform for inner linking which helps.

    That’s all for now 😛 Keep it up!

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  4. Just keep at it. Things will add up quickly. For me, I post twice a week, and those posts increase when I have author news or a Book Cover of the Month blog. I just try to be consistent. I also try and peek in on blogs when I can. I dedicate a set amount of time, and off I go. Congrats on the milestone. Hope to see more from you.

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  5. Reading others of interest to you. Make comments and share something unique. Reading here gives me little ideas and one thing leads to another. Some of my best posts were ideas or thought from reading. I’ve abandoned well prepared posts on a flash idea and they work out good because you write with passion.

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    • There are SO many interesting blogs on WordPress. I’ve been doing a lot of reading as of late (you’ve probably seen me creeping around a blog you frequent 😉 ), though none of it relates to the focus of the blog I created here!
      Thanks for the advice anyway! ☺

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